... thank Profiles International for their excellent work on the study we have been using with the Lens Care Group.  These are the 45 sales representatives who took a product line from $80,000 per month [or a million a year] to $1 million a month in six months.  They projected $7 million the first year and ended up at $10.5 million.  They projected $17 million for the next year and ended up at $22 million!  That's doubling the sales the second year!  We couldn't have done it without the ProfileXT.

SJO  President, Global Lens Care Business


When we signed up for the Profiles XT system three years ago, we had high hopes, but no illusions that it would be the solution to everything. The assessments have proven very useful in practice. We had our best people in each job category complete the assessment and then combined the results to create a benchmark that job candidates would have to meet. It has proven an excellent tool to check whether a candidates perceived suitability is matched by his/her skill set and motivation. On two occasions, we chose to ignore the red flags that came up in the reports, only to conclude later that the assessment had been spot-on all along. We intend to use ProfileXT for years to come.

Evert Akkerman,
DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd


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